I just read this to my partner – he said that he’d had exactly the same Charlton Heston vision on Friday. I’m still struggling to comprehend how it all went so badly wrong – and finding it hard to articulate the shock and dismay I feel – so thank you for putting it into words Shadowplay. As Thom Yorke said: “It’s too late, the damage is done”



Filming on a beach one time, I once invited an actor to pound the sand like Charlton Heston at the end of PLANET OF THE APES. He expressed reticence: “It just feels like whenever there’s sand to be pounded, the sand gets pounded.” But then he did it anyway. Some days you just want to pound sand.

This is one of them. Though I will shortly be sitting in a crowded piazza watching CASQUE D’OR for free with an audience made up of globe-trotting film fans AND random citizenry, and so life is pretty sweet if you’re me right now, my country has just voted to leave the European Union, making this sort of activity in future trickier in ways that can’t be calculated yet, and doing atrocious damage of a more serious nature.

And so I say “Damn you all to hell!”

Not you. Or you. Those guys.

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