The Bexhill Suede – So Young!


Apparently, and I have this on good authority from the horned one Simon Price (British music journalist and DJ for Spellbound in Brighton), Suede were called “The London Suede” in the US. See All Music for more information on this plus discography. However, we saw them in Bexhill at the De La Warr Pavilion on Thursday – so I’ve temporarily renamed them…


I first saw Suede in London about 22 years ago, when I was in my mid-twenties, and I remember at the time feeling that I was one of the oldest in the audience – many of their followers in the nineties had an average age of just 15 years old. This time around I’m strangely less concerned about my age despite my advancing years, and interestingly was right next to an even younger audience of nine and ten who had been brought along by their parents to experience the band that kick-started the Britpop Revolution. And I was not to be disappointed – in fact far from it – Brett still has the swaggering stage-presence and an ability to dangerously swing his microphone in widening circles then wrap it round himself in rather a louche manner. I swear his voice is even better and he has the backing of a strong band (obviously not the original line-up with Bernard Butler) and a supportive audience many of which he recognised from the early days. Well, that’s what he said.


Suede are playing at Glastonbury Festival this weekend, so this was a warm-up gig and they were actually pretty hot! Favourite songs played: Film Star, Animal Nitrate, So Young, The Wild Ones, Beautiful Ones. Interestingly I seemed to remember the lyrics of most of these which just goes to show my Mum was right and if I’d paid as much attention to my school work as I did to the lyrics of pop songs then I’d probably would have done better in my exams!



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