This is a continuation of my posts on the Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Awards (, please see the previous couple of posts for more titles. The following book is no longer on the shortlist – it’s has moved on now but I think it is worth a mention as it deals with a serious subject but from a personal perspective (although the story is not based on one person’s actual life experience). These notes were written for myself whilst reading rather than for anyone to read – so apologies for any shorthand/notes/spoilers/stream of consciousness stuff.

I learned much about the experiences of women during the war, and, before I read this title, had no idea about the brave female pilots who couriered unarmed fighter planes to war areas. I was aware of Auschwitz from studies whilst at college, but not so much about Belsen so I researched images from this time and added them to my notes. NB. These images are not in the book but ones I found on the net. [If I have used any images that are under copyright and the owner wishes me to either credit them or remove the image please let me know]. Obviously not a happy story but the story of human spirit in survival is always good to hear and so has an uplifting side and a reminder that we should never forget.

I was certainly moved by this tale and it is well worth a read by older teens and adults alike.

Warning: my notes contain SPOILERS!


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