Last September I took a look at the shortlisted books on the Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Awards. I read a selection of them and made notes. I just recently thought I should perhaps share my reviews in case they may be helpful for parents choosing for their children. The list has moved on a bit now and some lovely new books have been added that I will take a look at and maybe add to the blog (if anyone is interested that is – please ‘like’ or comment if you’d like to see more).

This was my list at the time:



You can find the current shortlists here:

I’m going to put my notes into several posts – the notes were made on the ‘Moleskine’ App which I find a creative notebook style way to record your thoughts, especially when you learn how to use it properly. This was my first attempt at using it and as I went through the list I found new ways to use it.  The notes I present are jpegs of the pages I made and include images that I added to remind me of the books I had read. Seeing as the list has moved on quite a bit now some of the books I read are no longer on the list, but if I liked them I’m going to include them!

Please note that the reading ages are my own judgement and not all parents will necessarily agree – I generally think parents should flick through a book and before reading it with their child, or giving it to them to read. Note that there may be ‘spoilers’ in some of my reviews!

NB. The Child’s Elephant is recommended for 11+ by the Carnegie Website.

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