We are still Midlake!

Midlake, Brighton

Thursday 27 February: Midlake at St George’s Church< Brighton

A beautiful, as always, set from Midlake, whom we last saw at The Green Man Festival in Wales last year. Their sound is still magical, haunting and enveloping, the musicianship masterful.


There was, alas, the inevitable idiotic heckling of some delinquent in the gallery – dealt with coolly by Eric Pulido who said “and anything else?” and then proceeded to inform the said heckler where the exit from the venue was – to great applause from the audience.  The evident strength of this group of musicians to come back from the departure of their lead man and lyricist Tim Smith – with a beautiful new album as well – is to be applauded.  I suppose in his own way he (the heckler) was just trying to encourage them to keep going and find a new path – only he didn’t quite put it like that and besides – they have. They don’t just play their back catalogue but have forged ahead with Antiphon – a brilliant response to their recent band trauma. It obviously plays on their mind a little, as Eric Pulido talked for a few minutes towards the end of the gig of their recent situation and how they kept going because of their love of creating and playing music. What better reason to continue? We love them too – so that’s another reason!


We were lucky to meet the lead electric guitarist, Joey, in the corridor after the show. He was lovely and stayed to chat for a while – saying thank you for us coming to see them (we’re only about 20 miles away and they came all the way from Texas so it really wasn’t a big deal for us but sweet of him to say so). As usual, when I meet someone from a band I am so surprised that I am unable to say anything remotely intelligent and also to remember to get their autograph/get my photo taken with them/mention my blog (heaven knows I need more readers!). Still, I shook his hand and we talked about their upcoming performance at the 6Music Festival (they played on Friday 28 February). See the 6Music website for highlights of their performance. See the photo below for the set list from the Brighton gig, I think it was similar at 6Music Festival – but for the entrance of the great John Grant to sing ‘Sigourney Weaver’. We’ve got tickets to see John Grant next Saturday at The De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill – can’t wait!

Brighton set-list
Brighton set-list



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