Ghostpoet Haunts Brighton


Where would you find a Ghostpoet in Brighton? At The Haunt, of course. If you haven’t yet heard his music check out his latest album, Some Say I So I Say Light (and the previous album, Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam). The sound is hypnotic, relentless, driving, compelling, intense …

Speaking recently on Lauren Laverne’s show he described himself as “Mumbling over weird sounds”. His lyrics are incisive, almost introspective but in a way that we can all share. Actually you really have to hear it so here’s a link to his website: Ghostpoet.

The band with him are very tight, the performance is immaculate but no way boring, the female vocalist very complimentary accompaniment to Ghostpoet’s ‘mumbling’. There’s a hint of improvisation and experimental sounds, and an atmosphere of pure enjoyment amongst the crowd. You really can’t help but move to the hypnotic beat. 



We first heard Ghostpoet at Green Man in 2012. When we heard this sound, unlike anything else we just had to stop and listen. He’s been played on BBC Radio 6Music (the home of all great sounds) and we now have two of his albums, plus some very sexy limited edition white vinyl consisting of a track not on either album – Trouble – bought from the gig and signed by the lovely man himself. When we met him afterwards we mentioned we’d seen him at Green Man and he said “Yeah, that was muddy!”.

Ghostpoet himself (and his band and entourage) is completely charming, on finishing his two song encore last night he left the stage at the front and moved casually through the audience. Gorgeous! Never seen anyone do that before, the mood was such that everyone was shaking his hand, hugging, etc. Afterwards he met, and had his photo taken, with adoring fans (all blissed-out by such a fantastic night). Favourite track of the evening: Plastic Bag Brain

We truly felt I was in the presence of greatness – so look forward to hearing more from him in the future, and listening non-stop to his albums so far. Afterwards he tweeted “Brighton was amazing, love that place so much THANKS BRIGHTON!”. We love you too Ghostpoet!


If you like Massive Attack, Radiohead, Atoms for Peace, Portishead, Faithless, The Streets, then you may like GhostPoet. 

 Venue accessibility notes: The Haunt isn’t really very accessible if you have any mobility issues. There doesn’t appear to be a lift, and all access to the venue involves stairs – even the ticket area entrance has a flight of stairs. There’s little seating that allows a decent view of the stage. The floor area is one level, there is a balcony but access is not available for every gig and there’s no lift anyway and a large flight of stairs. Male toilets on ground floor (remembering the initial flight into entrance) and the female toilets are up the next flight of stairs (at least 10 steps up). 


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