Nordic Giants among us


The long-awaited sold-out single launch in Brighton for the Nordic Giants took place on Sunday 17 January at Brighton Dome Theatre. They were supported by the talented Abi Wade (whom we saw supporting The Low Anthem way back in 2012), and a new band to us – the astonishingly brilliant Saturday Sun who hail from Dorset. Pics to follow of both these acts but first – a new light show and new animations to accompany their new songs.

They opened with the single Speed the Crows Nest, a galloping piece that carries you along on its crest – am I getting a bit too mixed with my metaphors there!? This was the longest set we’ve heard them play – and still wanting to hear more! The launch was hosted by Brighton Noise – a growing force on the Brighton music scene and excellent casting for the support for Nordic Giants on their single launch night.


If you’ve not seen them before (or checked out my previous posts on them), the Nordic Giants consist of just two musicians, calling themselves Roka and Loki. The sound is much larger than you’d expect from two people, and they play several different instruments so the effect is full and astounding – forming a complete audio-visual feast with a backdrop of superb animation and film shorts. This time they were joined by new singer Freyja – dressed in a striking feathered headdress and with an ethereal Cocteau Twins sound to her vocals. I think it’s good that they maintain a variety of different vocal styles on their tracks – Freyja’s voice is beautiful but too much of this light breathy style might diminish some of the impact that the Nordic Giants are known for. The combination of vocals from Cate Ferris, Jake Reid and snippets of recorded speeches makes for a good musical landscape.


For more details and video clips see their Facebook page, and website. Not sure what they’re up to next, however, I can see they’re listed to appear at Meadowlands Festival at Glynde- the end of May, and I hear whispers about some happening at Brighton’s Great Escape Festival in mid-May!

Here’s some shots of the excellent support acts:

The brilliantly talented Abi Wade
Beautiful haunting vocals from Alex – Saturday Sun
combined with the laid-back Bill – Saturday Sun

We hadn’t seen Saturday Sun before – an astonishingly good set! We bought the EP straight after their set – so good I’ve been playing it back-to-back in the car! Love Seagull and Borderline in particular – oh it’s all good! At times they had notes of Bon Iver, and sometimes early Radiohead. Absolutely beautiful vocals – check them out on their website and other social media.


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