Beaches for Goths (Fuerteventura #3)



Fuerteventura is well-known for its long stretches of golden beaches, but also has five black sand beaches (see According to Lonely Planet guides, these are not a great attraction for tourists, and when we arrived at La Lajita we did get some strange looks from the locals. For me, an empty beach is far more attractive than a busy one, and all the more interesting as this one has the black sand and pebbles of the volcanic eruptions on this island. The black sand and white foam of the sea make a lovely contrast and the sand isn’t a pure black but a lovely sparkling salt and pepper feast for the eyes.


The beautiful desolation and Gothic black sand struck me as highly suitable for Goths who would look resplendent on the black sand in their black swimsuits/skinny black jeans and t-shirts. I’m speaking from experience here being a first generation Goth from the Eighties (or am I third generation – do we count Beatniks as the earliest Goths, or go further back to the original European Goths?). My fascination with the black sand springs from a love for the black on black layering where an attempt to be extreme and as dark as possible, for example black gloss and black matt of vinyl and cloth, egg shell, gloss and matt paint for example. This may explain my interest in the Jerwood Art Gallery building in Hastings and the black Net Huts (see previous post Back to Black), Goya’s series of black paintings (rather gruesome and dark), and the modern paintings of James Hayward, Mario Esteves, Kanzuya Akimoto, Ad Reinhart for example. (See Ordiri’s blog for examples). Whilst thinking of this I came across another fine example of black on black – four black album covers in the Album Cover Album, Ultravox Lament, The Damned Black Album, Boyd Rice, Boyd Rice, and New Order’s Blue Monday.


This last photo taken looking towards the surrounding cliffs is one of my favourites. The scale of man on the landscape reminds me of a book I read when younger, The Ascent of Man by Jacob Bronowski. If you’d like to see more of my photos from Fuerteventura please visit my Flickr account (see below).



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