If you like making jewellery…

This was a lovely creative title to work on for GMC Publications Ltd (Guild of Master Craftsmen), a Lewes-based publisher who also produce a number of craft magazines. See GMC Publications website for more information. Bracelets contains 120 pages packed with practical information and 20 lovely projects to make. The photography and original concept design was by Rebecca Mothersole from GMC – some gorgeous and inspiring images in there.

There are general practical pages throughout, the first two chapters deal with Tools and materials, and Techniques. Then it is straight onto some pretty projects that are pretty easy to master and don’t require any qualifications in jewellery making. See below, an example of one of the practical projects featured in this title. Each project (and the techniques section) has clear step-by-step photographs.

I particularly enjoyed the creativity of working on the chapter opener spreads and the prelim material which I laid out as a facsimile of a collage or pin board. I used some of my own images as inspirational pieces on these collages, (for example the buttons on card on the prelims pages, and the view of the dovecot roof), these worked with the actual jewellery pieces to create a kind of mood board. The best way to create these composite images is in an application like Adobe Photoshop using the layers facility. It is possible to do this kind of image in Adobe InDesign but the files do become unwieldy in size and the effects are not so effective! I created these originally in InDesign, but a great deal of Photoshop work had to be done to get them ready for reproduction. I like to make these facsimiles as realistic-looking as possible and pay a lot of attention to the continuity of the items used, the buttons on this spread are from my vintage button collection gleaned from years of trawling through charity shops – these are still on their original backing board!

Book Produced by: GMC Publications Ltd

Published in 2011

Number of pages: 120

Paperback with flaps

Author: Joan Gordon

Other titles in the series: Earrings, Brooches and Pins (different authors). I also worked on Earrings so will be featuring this title in a future post.