Screenshot from BBC 6Music website –
showing Nordic Giants on the playlist along with all the other great bands played that morning.

Recently we’ve been transferring some of our vinyl to CD, via a brilliant specially made deck that gives you software and a USB cable to your computer via iTunes. The deck was purchased from that Amazon (I’m sure it is available elsewhere of course) and is called: Ion Profile LP Vinyl-Archiving Turntable. This has led to the rediscovery of loads of my old 80’s and 90’s vinyl and a selection my parent’s vinyl collection from the 60’s and 70’s which I nabbed before it got thrown away (oh the horror!) when CDs came in.

Following up on my appearance on 6Music’s Shaun Keaveny Breakfast show as a guest on the much maligned feature: Song of Praise (go on – you like it really), this post looks at some of the music I’m listening to at the moment. When I was on Shaun’s brilliant, and sometimes actually quite funny, breakfast show, I asked them to play Nordic Giants Shine featuring the vocals and lyrics by Cate Ferris as shown on their playlist above.

So what is on my iTunes ‘most played’ at the moment? Listening to 6Music’s excellent choice of music itself, these are my favourite top 6 tunes at the moment on their playlist:

1) Tame Impala: Elephant

2) Cat Power: Cherokee

3) Paul Banks: The Base

4) Grizzly Bear: Yet Again

5) Bob Mould: The Descent

6) Beth Orton: Magpie

However, they don’t just have a playlist like BBC Radio One. On BBC’s 6Music each show mainly features music chosen by the presenter which makes for some excellent eclectic music choices. For me this particular broadcast innovation shines through on Cerys Matthews show on Sunday from 10:00 til 12:00, and Tom Ravenscroft on Friday from 19:00 to 22:00 where you can hear such a diversity of new and old music that it can blow you away. Of course it’s all brilliant and that is what holds it together.

After my appearance, (and some other blog posts shared via Facebook) I did receive a number of emails from new music makers asking if I could review their music on my blog. My posts generally only feature bands that I’ve actually seen in person (and photographed as I’m a bit addicted to getting a good shot – my over-full hard drive can testify). However, it is interesting to hear all this new music and it is great to discover new tunes via the new media of SoundCloud and BandCamp. Two interesting submissions which I’d like to put a link to are: The Magik Word – Stand-By Society ‘Orchestral Industrial Poetic Hip Hop’ and Joel Hood who has just completed a remix of a track called Mystery Colours by Astronauts (to me this has a lovely calming Bon Iver style vibe). He also has his own track Teardrops, available for free download from Bad Panda Records on November 8th. Go and have a listen.

A random trawl through BandCamp led to the discovery of a band called Synthetic Flesh – selected because we liked the name – the reason is to follow: We know the term ‘Synthetic Flesh’ from one of the (dare I say trashy) horror movies we like to watch for our own amusement/torture of an evening. This one was Doctor X (there’s also The Return of Doctor X – a follow-up to but with little discernible continuity! However, it does star Bogart in one of his stranger roles). Anyway, the band ‘Synthetic Flesh’ are  described as ‘electronic metal’ and are actually very good (unlike the film) so worth a listen!

Lastly, I bumped into a band at my local Co-op filling station. You could tell they were a band – the obvious band van, the tattoos, and heads down, hoods up look. Anyway, I got chatting with one band member and he kindly gave me an album CD to listen to. They’re another Brighton based band called Brutal Regime, and as their name suggests they are pretty “political and loud”. If you like punk/rock/thrash then you may well like them. Good and loud!

So many different ways to discover new music!