I want to share with you a poem that my daughter wrote last week. Lyra is 7 years old.

She just came to me with a piece of paper where she’d drawn stars and written a poem – just from her head, and I think it is beautiful and full of hope, so should be seen by more people. Lyra gave me permission to share her poem which she wrote it for her own reasons. For myself, I would like to dedicate this to one of my readers: oneanna65, and everyone coping bravely with illness.

As Lyra’s spelling is still developing I went through the poem with her and wrote down the words underneath to help the reader.

Here’s the transcript:

Quiet Night  by Lyra

A silence had fallen

not a wave could be heard

a silence that Beth had never heard before.

She sat on her bed, cold as ice.

But she wasn’t alone,

the stars were with her

shining like lights in the sky.

© Lyra Francis October 2012