“Think Sigur Ros meets Quentin Tarantino” Shorts International

I’ve stolen that title phrase from the Nordic Giant‘s Facebook page  – but it is a good description of the darkly beautiful performance by Nordic Giants. This is the second time we’ve seen them and we are still awestruck by their stunning stage presence. If you haven’t seen them then you must – if you have then you’ll want to see them again. I’m addicted.

The first time we saw Nordic Giants was a chance discovery at Meadowlands Festival in Glynde, East Sussex (see my post: Nordic Giants)   This time we saw them as the headlining act at SoundScreen, part of Pop-Up Brighton/Brighton Digital Festival at Brighton Dome Studio Theatre. This evening performance was by a set of four different live music performers with a screen behind featuring projections of short animations and films written specifically for the songs by digital animation artists. This combination of sound and vision plus live performance pushes all the buttons for me – particularly the Nordic Giants, with their masks and body paint with award-winning short films. DAi’s spellbinding massive energy (drums & guitar) and George’s sinuous keyboard and trumpet leave the audience reverentially hushed. The set was way too short though – I was left wanting to hear so much more. You can download their EP (A Tree as Old as Me) from iTunes and their website features videos and links to get tracks. Their current release is Shine featuring haunting vocals by Cate Ferris. Both Cate and Nordic Giants are artists that work with Beatitudes.tv:

An Artist Development & Management agency for filmmakers, bands, and visual artists.  We can help to develop an artist’s audience, brand, social media engagement using design, photography, web, styling, performance, video & Art.

I was lucky enough to meet with the band after the show. They were friendly and patient with my over-excited and distinctly uncool, gushing conversation about how brilliant they are. They are fearsomely lovely guys in the flesh – without the masks but still with a bit of body paint! I was so over-awed that I completely forgot to ask them anything sensible – like when and where are they playing again?!!

As you can see I’m still struggling to capture them on camera – I think the strange blurring and colour blends kind of capture a bit of their essence though so I’ve included several I wouldn’t normally show! All images here are my own – but uploaded at low-res. I have some high res versions on Flickr if you’d like to look there. If you want to see a good review and some video of their SoundScreen performance visit a fellow WordPress blogger here: Brighton Music Blog

Here’s their biography from their website:

Hunting down the elusive Nordic Giants is about as easy as tracking down the truth of the legend in the Blair Witch Project. Hidden behind feathered masks, demonic looking costumes and effortlessly changing between many instruments, nobody is fully aware of their true identity…..and their ritualistic pre show preparations of body painting and donning feathered masks and animal skins is nothing short of shamanistic. The mysterious duo perform live soundtracks to a backdrop of award winning short films which do not shy away from dealing with poignant and dark subject matters. Dreamy ambient swells, epic builds and huge moments of power overwhelm their captivated audiences who describe the experience as something akin to a religious experience.

Here’s a couple of shots of the other performers at SoundScreen – the very promising Caveman Genius, Pact, and Adolescent. Short films and animations were by Hecavanagh, Brune Charvin, Sharon Kilgannon, Marco Barneto, Rowan Briscoe and Florence Barkway.

Caveman Genius