We are lucky enough to live fairly close to the UK south coast beaches so a day at the beach is a frequent activity whilst the children still feel like going. I have a feeling with my oldest that this isn’t going to be for much longer! Their favourite beach activity is rock-pooling to see what sea-creature we can find. Of course we always put them back carefully where we found them, and this care for the environment and its creatures is part of their learning process. These photos were taken at Birling Gap at the beginning of September when the sea was warm enough to swim in (well, actually it was refreshingly cool!) The weather (which has been pretty mixed this summer) has now become mid-September cool so probably won’t be going to the beach unless we’re well wrapped up! We found sea anemones, limpets, mussels and crabs. The other activity they like is painting pebbles – you just need children’s water-based paints and a couple of paintbrushes, sea-water in a bucket and some pebbles. This is particularly good activity when you’re on a beach where there isn’t much sand for sand castles at higher tides!

Crocs – essential footwear for little ones – other beach footwear brands are available
Sunshine and clear water – perfect
After midday a sea fog started to roll in