Arif on guitar and backing vocals & Darren on Bass and backing vocals
MC Jonezy

Last night we went to the album launch party for King Porter Stomp‘s second album – Shuffle. The party was held at The Old Market near Western Road, Brighton. They were supported by the excellent Icarus Youth. We first saw King Porter Stomp at The Green Man Festival in Wales (see previous post – Mud & Music – Churn it up – part one). They are hugely energetic and exciting performance with a superb brass section and an interesting fusion mixture of Ska/Funk/Rap/Jazz that really hangs together due to the brilliant musicianship. It’s great to see a band that so obviously enjoy playing as a group and infects the audience with their enthusiasm.

Casper Douglas-Hamilton on congas, Romain Ley on drums

KPS had several featured guests playing with them. Casper Douglas Hamilton on congas, James Collins from Lazy habits, and Faye Houston from Resonators, Alex Krane (baritone sax) and Matt Ellis (trumpet).

James from Lazy habits

I took quite a few blurry images – difficult to keep still when KPS are playing!

Faye Houston

Badj Whipple – trombone and percussion

I’ve included this shot – technically it is full of errors but I like the movement and the hat-wearing audience member who got in front of my lens echoing Badj’s bowler hat (I like a bowler hat – wore one myself last night. If Thom Yorke wears one then it has to be good!). I had great difficulty getting a good shot of the brass section because of the excessive dry ice. I do like a good jazz brass section – lots of this going on in the music I’m watching and listening to at the moment.

I think the design of the CD booklet/case – really good. A woodcut style type – all cardboard (no plastic so ecofriendly!). See the KPS website for images of Shuffle’s design. I would scan it in and show you but my scanner has decided not to work tonight!

Set list