Woken by Feist doing her sound check – playing Chickadee – on the Mountain Stage. Confused – well, I was not properly awake – as I remembered she was on in the evening and wondered if I’d lost a whole day. Clearly not. Wish I’d been dressed and could have hopped on over to the Mountain Stage to see her tuning up (what I really mean is I wish I’d got some photos of her).

Dom James & His Dixy Ticklers – Chai Wallah Stage
Dom James & His Dixy Ticklers
Those Dixy Ticklers again

Serious proper Dixieland New Orleans style Jazz here from Dom James and His Dixy Ticklers. Is it me, or has this trombone player forgotten his trousers? (that’s ‘pants’ to US readers). Maybe they just got too muddy so he went on in his underpants? Nice legs though (did I say that out loud?).

More nice legs – not actually Scottish, but apparently these English types do like the ‘freedom and ventilation’ of the kilt.

AltJ – playing to a packed out Far Out Stage

I really wanted to see AltJ – I bought their album (An Awesome Wave) after loving every track I’d heard played on 6Music. Not at all disappointed – I wasn’t the only one who had heard of them and they could easily have played the main stage – the Far Out Tent was completely packed out, including the mobility platform at the back. Possibly some Health and Safety issues here as people kept trying to stand on the access ramp so they could see and the Festival staff were so enthralled by the set they didn’t even look back to check access was there for anyone needing to get on and off! A brilliant set – got those shivers down my back. Not a brilliant pic though – sorry – was a bit crowded – lots of bobbing heads in the way.

Feist singing with The Mountain Men at the end of her set – Mountain Stage

Finished off the festival with a great set by Feist (who I’d heard doing her sound check in the morning). I clearly need a 300mm zoom lens to see the main stage as this is the best shot I could get from the terraces! I used a ‘night portrait’ setting on my Olympus Pen – a quick way of setting up to get the best exposure when you’ve had too much vodka. She told us she’d spent the day wandering round the festival and enjoying the ‘storm’. I think she said ‘storm’ – I don’t remember one, I think it just rained a bit, but perhaps they don’t get much of this in Canada. She wrote a special song for those of us at Green Man – our own song – which was nice. I think I have a recording of this but it is a bit wobbly as I was so far away and hadn’t got a tri-pod – don’t watch it if you get sea-sick – was going to try and put it on YouTube (my site is called MsPolyethelene and I haven’t uploaded anything yet!) if my son can tell me how to do this. Just looked and Knappafire has got some excellent videos of Green Man Festival and other things so check their site out. Check out my son’s site for some excellent young Lego animation: planetEZproductions if you are interested to see what he does when not at school!

If you’d like to read more reviews on Green Man and music in general take a look at BornMusicOnline – as recommended by King Porter Stomp who were so pleased with the shots I took of them (see my post Mud and Music part one) that they’ve kindly invited me to their album launch party in Brighton on the 15th September so I hope to go along and take more shots!

We’d like to say thank you to the six people who pushed our mini-Winni out of the mud so we could actually leave the festival – thanks guys and girls! I’m finishing with a general mud shot – not my best as I was far away and there’s a lot of movement – but I think it gives a good idea of conditions on the terraces near the Mountain Stage and how tricky it might be if you’re either walking/sliding/ or in a mobility scooter. Maybe see you next year at The Green Man for more mud & music!