Here’s a few images of some of the planes/helicopters displaying at Airbourne this year, I was just trying out my new zoom lens 40 – 150mm for my Olympus Pen EPL1 to see what it could do. Still a heck of a lot of sky and not so much of the planes but a vast improvement on my standard 14 – 42mm lens. They’re pretty sharp but taking shots of these fast-moving planes made me realise I need to spend a lot more time reading up on how to work all the custom settings on the Olympus Pen!

The airshow is free and very well attended – this year also featured the Vulcan – a rare appearance as there is only one in the UK that is able to fly. It can get pretty crowded down on the seafront but the advantage is that the kids can play on the beach when they get bored with watching the planes. Eastbourne council also arranged well-managed designated parking areas close to the seafront for Blue Badge holders so the event was more accessible. These fill up pretty quickly so getting there early is a must unless you want to wait around until someone leaves!

I quite like the way the planes are flying through the cloud here – still sharp just as they exit.

Chinook – would be better if I had rapidly been able to slow the shutter speed down so as to get the motion of the blades – not much time for adjusting settings when the show is on. However, you can see into the back of the Chinook – and just make out one of the crew!

Pretty noisy Tornado with wings folded – many children had to wear ear defenders.