Just seen Nordic Giants perform at Meadowlands Festival in Sussex. I’d like to say that they were totally awesome, not in the over-used sense of the word (awesome like a hot-dog) but really awe-inspiring. I’ve never seen anything like it. Extremely visual performance with both in feathered masks and body paint like some terrifying fairytale. The music is a potent mix of industrial thrash and ambient, the drummer/guitarist is hugely talented and energetic, the keyboard/trumpet player, haunting. The films they play on the screen are disturbing and thought provoking, its a visual feast.

The images above and below are from their website

From the website ‘about’ section:

Brighton’s post-rock duo – Nordic Giants smashed onto the music scene little over a year ago. Influenced by the likes of Massive Attack and Cinematic Orchestra, the band have already shared the stage with Ratatat, Mogwai and headlined The World Premiere of ‘The Blot Symphony’, an inspirational visual art piece created by Ralph Steadman.

Hidden behind feathered masks and effortlessly changing between instruments, the duo performs live original soundtracks to a backdrop of award-winning short films (Provided by Shorts International). From dreamy ambient swells, epic builds and huge moments of power to a combination of dark, funny and beautiful short films, which can bring tears, smiles and actually scare you at times. Imagine the visual story telling of a cinema experience mixed with the raw energy and passion of a live gig and you’ve hit the nail on the head!

I attempted to take a few photos at the gig but like many rare creatures, they are very difficult to capture!

See their website for more information.

I’m definitely going to see them again – Nordic Giants please play Brighton again soon!