It is said that some people are ‘cat people’, and some are ‘dog people’, and then there are others who like the more exotic experience and have snakes or spiders etc. My daughter would like a Chinchilla but I’ve told her they aren’t that good as pets because if you hug them their fur falls out (I got this fact from the Chinchilla cage at Drusilla’s Zoo).

At the moment we have two grey cats and five minnows. Not sure if that makes me catty or fishy but I often think about having a wild animal living in my house – I mean – check out those claws! Let’s face it, cats are not very domesticated are they? They like to domesticate us, and I think the phrase is: Dogs have owners, cats have servants. I quite like the way the cats like to do what they want and don’t care what you think of them. They’re pretty selfish and self-centered but this is a good balance for me as I’m often too self-conscious and can be a bit of a people-pleaser, so it’s good to be reminded of other ways to behave. People are a kind of animal after all, so we can learn something by watching the behavior of our pets. Cats seem to have some kind of almost arrogant independance, dogs tend to be more loyal, I am reminded of Rudyard Kipling’s ‘The Cat who walks by himself’.

I certainly have to do the bidding of my two cats as we don’t have a cat-flap (our 1958 architect-designed house doesn’t have a suitable door in which to fit one), so the cats knock at the letterbox until someone lets them in. This is true – they learned it from one of the kittens, Blackberry, who was very clever but unfortunately not clever enough to avoid one of the cars that use our road as a cut-through to avoid the traffic lights. R.I.P. Blackberry, and Cheetah who met the same fate.

Here’s some pics of one of our cats, Jo, who is fairly tame and likes having her photo taken, unlike her sister Libby, who is a bit more feral and likes to spend time in the garden or playhouse (a shed in the garden which does have a cat-flap in case they’re desperate for shelter when we’re out). They look like Russian Blues but are not pedigree – they’re mother was a black cat. They have lovely thick fur and green eyes. The first image was sent in to Lauren at 6Music as a cover for one of their MPFree CDs entitled ‘Home’- and they used it – a proud moment!