When I wrote about the Jerwood Gallery in Hastings a couple of weeks ago I mentioned I’d add a post with some more images of Hastings – in particular the ‘Net Shops‘ which are peculiar to this town. So here we are, the title of this post is taken from the late Amy Winehouse song/album – a great voice and talent lost to us recently, but living on in the recordings she left behind. My previous post on a visit to Rye was called ‘Paint it Black‘ referring to the proclivity in this part of south-east England to paint the timber buildings in pitch (or the modern equivalent). Here are some images of the ‘Net Shops’ of Hastings, plus some of the surround, the working fishing area and local shop signs.

Some of these shots are taken in a part of The Stade that is clearly set up to be photogenic and showcase the net shops although I think many of them are still in use in some way or another. A plaque screwed to the wall has the following information:


These Tall Black Wooden Sheds are unique to Hastings. They are known traditionally as “Net Shops” and the fishermen use them to store fishing gear. Dry storage was especially important in the old days when nets &ropes were made of natural materials and would rot if left outside.

The “Net Shops” are tall & narrow because when they were first built in early Victorian times the sea came much closer to the cliff, so each shed was allowed only a small space by Hastings Corporation. Each shed has two or three floors and several have cellars.