Magnolia tree in bloom, near Eastbourne, UK

I do apologize, I’ve neglected my blog for over a week when my original intention was to write at least once a week. I confess to having been thrown by the recent events in Europe involving the coach crash where 22 school children and 6 adults accompanying them were killed on the way back from a school trip, and then a short while later the tragic killings in Toulouse including 3 school children by a serial killer whose callous actions I found it impossible to comprehend. I was left thinking – what can I write about when such terrible things are happening in the world?

Like all parents, I do get very upset by any bad news that involves children, I feel empathy for those affected and the tragedies are the kind of unthinkable events that all parents dread. I know I’m not alone here. It’s hard to think what point there could be in writing about anything that interests me when such things are happening in the world.

Before I started blogging I read Chris Brogan’s Social Media 101, and liked his pragmatic approach and sensible advice. I read his book as I originally thought about starting a blog from the point of view of business, but then I found I just liked doing it for its own sake. Today I looked back over the passages I read when I first considered starting a blog. Chris asks some good questions such as: “First and foremost, who are you writing this blog for?” Plus advice: “Share something from your life. Share what matters most to you, mixed with how it might be helpful and of interest to others”.

So, my reasons for blogging: It helps me with my creative processes, in focusing my thoughts and how to express them clearly, plus, I feel part of a community of people who can share their interests generously with other people. This last one is particularly beneficial for me as I work alone and don’t have the advantage of the creative studio atmosphere you get when in a group of workers, reading and writing blogs increases my creativity. So keep on blogging!

My 6 yr old daughter's biro sketch of me photographing the Magnolia tree