Sometime in the middle of February I find myself becoming slightly obsessed with the color/colour yellow. I spot it in fashion catalogs/catalogues, magazine covers, interior design publications – and just everywhere I look. I don’t think it is necessarily more prevalent in life – my mind just picks it out from everything else I see. I think the reason for this is the yellow flowers that signal the start of spring. In March Celandines and Daffodils start appearing in my garden – the Celandines just seem to grow everywhere planted by nature, the daffodils were kindly planted by a previous occupant of my 50’s bungalow. The local authorities also plant huge swathes of daffodils beside the roads down here, it helps to add to Eastbourne’s reputation as ‘Sunshine Capital of England’. And the sunshine – of course yellow symbolizes this – and we had a lovely 18 degrees temperature yesterday which was so lovely after a mainly drab winter. The lovely thing about the Celandines is that the only open up when it is sunny – so suddenly you have sunshine and loads of yellow stars all over the garden – lovely!

I know yellow has been described as ‘mellow’ in the song by Donovan in 1966/1967. I was going to appropriate this as a title for this blog, but I don’t think yellow is particularly mellow – much more of a zingy and exciting color/colour that picks me up rather than relaxing me – a bit like bright red, or lime green. That said, I suppose the softer yellows with a bit more orangey or creamy tone are fairly mellow I guess, and late evening sunshine is relaxing in that way.

I’ve been experimenting with the Hipstamatic photos again. It seems pretty similar to the pinhole filter on my Olympus Pen – but much more difficult to control the framing on an iPhone. Hence some of the shots (the squared up ones are Hipstamatic iPhone shots) are not at all as they looked in the viewfinder. There’s some happy accidents there though – the lichen on the path is interesting and I wouldn’t have framed up on that so… The other shots are taken with no filter – I even resisted the pop filter and ramping up the saturation!

I would wear yellow, but the color/colour doesn’t suit me. There is one way to introduce a bit of sunshine into your wardrobe – that’s via accessories, eg, Boden’s or Orla Kiely’s lovely yellow handbags,  or some jewellery with a bit of yellow in. Just a thought though, as unfortunately I can’t afford either of those handbags yet! Interior tip – having some yellow flowers in my house helps add some sunshine and cheer when it isn’t out in reality.