Yes, it’s 6Music’s 10th Birthday this weekend! I absolutely love this station – it’s a big part of my day, working from home could be a very lonely process but listening to 6Music makes it a more social experience, I feel like I’m part of a community – I know that might sound a bit corny but honestly there’s something different about the presenters and the music plus the listeners that is a completely different experience from other radio stations.

For a start, I can listen to this all day without getting annoyed by any of the presenters, or their music choice – yes they have a playlist but the DJs choose what they play mostly and the playlist is just peppered in during the day so, unlike other radio stations, you rarely get to hear the same track twice in one day.

I’m listening to the Huey show at the moment (Huey Morgan, of Fun Lovin’ Criminals), and so far he’s played Curtis Mayfield, The Beastie Boys (Fight for your Right to Party – most suitable for the occasion), Gary Clark Junior. That’s the kind of mix you get. They can be playing Pulled Apart by Horses, Venom, one minute (well not literally one minute as it’s longer than that), then Fleet Foxes, Michael Kiwanuka, then Radiohead the next. Brilliant. I love virtually all the music they play and never feel like I’m so annoyed with what they’re saying that I want to turn it off. All the new stuff I’ve got into I’ve heard on 6Music.

Usually I get to listen to the self-deprecating, excellent Shaun Keaveney, who does the extremely funny middle age shout-outs and Pedant’s (or is it Pendant’s Corner?), then the lovely Lauren Laverne who has been so kind as to play my Memory Tape compiled by Glynn Emlyn, (a fellow student at Berkshire College of Art and Design in Reading in the 80’s), then Radcliffe and Maconie – so funny those boys.

So – Happy Birthday 6Music – you make my work life less solitary – and thank you to my partner M who introduced me to 6Music the year when it was threatened with closure – thank you to all the people who campaigned to save it and all the listeners who contributed, and lastly – John Peel – my hero and whose eclectic tastes live on in the 6Music ethos.

[Image of my DAB radio – given to me by my step-father this Christmas – thanks P! taken on my iPhone using Hipstamatic – just trying this app out – cool!]

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