Ah, what to do during school holidays? Cake or biscuit making is always a favourite with my two. Surprisingly courgettes or zucchinis are an excellent addition to a muffin as they make it all lovely and moist and they’re easy for little ones to grate if you’ve got one of those graters with a handle to keep small hands away from sharp things (I got mine from Lakeland Plastics – ‘BBC – I can cook’ brand).

I got this recipe from a book I worked on quite a while back called The Cupcake Book and Baking Kit by Susanna Tee ( a lovely lady to work with) and it involves melted chocolate, the usual flour, sugar mix plus peeled, grated courgette/zucchini. There seem to be quite a few recipes online if you Google it so have a go, and CBBC’s I Can Cook recently featured a cupcake recipe which had carrot and courgette/zucchini in. The images shown above are mine, not from the book, these were taken in my kitchen during the baking process using my Olympus Pen (thanks to my Dad for this birthday present last year!).

The smell of melting chocolate reminded us of Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which we are reading at the moment. My daughter particularly liked the bit after the melted chocolate had been added and she could lick the chocolate bowl out (obviously not the bowl which had raw egg in). Oh the simple pleasures in life!