Last week I was honoured to become part of the prestigious, longest running-audience-based radio feature on 6Music: The Chain, on the Radcliffe and Maconie Show. My Chain link was 2HB by Roxy Music, and the link went something like this: New OrderCeremony, which was a double A-Side with In a Lonely Place – this being a Bogart film from the 1950’s hence link to Roxy Music’s 2HB – which was written to Humphrey Bogart (not a pencil, although I don’t think there is a 2HB – just an HB or 2H or 2B).

The Chain is now up to Whisky Ballad by Seasick Steve, don’t ask me how it got this song (you had to be there) but it is lovely to be part of something that carries on, possibly into the next decade, if Radcliffe and Maconie decide to continue with it on 6Records, as they like to call it.

The question may be why do so many graphic designers listen to 6Music, or indeed, why are there so many graphic designers in the Brighton area? I have my own theories on this but would welcome others. I’m thinking that it’s partly that graphic design is one of the few jobs where you can listen to music without affecting your work, and I suspect this works for many other creative jobs that don’t involve words. Brighton is one of the great creative hubs of Britain (other cities are available too) hence the cluster of graphic designers.

After my radio appearance (can it be an appearance if not actually visible?), I had some friendly and helpful emails from the lovely listeners of 6Music – which was nice  – makes you feel part of a community even if it is only a virtual one.