This week I met with the award-winning author Philip Ardagh, 
(award-winning author of The Eddie Dickens Trilogy, at the opening of a new school library at Willingdon Primary School. Exciting to witness a library opening rather than closing, but then, being a book designer, I am biased.  The children were very excited to meet a real author, especially one larger than life. Mr Ardagh is 6 ft 7″, with a superb beard and a way of charming the children in person as well as on the page. The event was linked with the opening of a new children’s bookshop in Grove Road, Eastbourne.  Mr Ardagh talked to the children at the school before the library opening. One of my offspring said “I thought his talk would be boring, but it wasn’t and I was laughing all the way through”. So, definitely not boring then.

The new children’s bookshop is Mr and Mrs Doak’s Bumper Bookshop for Boys and Girls (nice logo guys – no, it’s not mine). Good luck to them in this venture – see for location. I hope to be visiting there during half-term, if I have any money to spend, or even if not!

Philip Ardagh’s books are published by Faber and Faber (no, I don’t work for them – but if anyone from Faber and Faber is reading this, feel free to contact me via!). They are well designed with excellent illustrations. The two books I have are illustrated by Jim Paillot and David Roberts who I’ll be checking out online. We’ve just started reading The Grubtown Tales, and Unlikely Exploits. Excellent so far – very funny!